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  • Edmonton Wholesale Bread Cake Bakery Reviews

    absolutely delicious

    I discovered this bakery last week, and I've already been back. It's definitely hidden away, with the entrance just off Gateway Blvd before you hit 63 Ave. Turn right at the lights before 63 Ave, then left in the parking lot and drive around to the white building in the back (see, it's hidden!).

    Every bakery has a specialty, so the first time I visited I asked what theirs was; rye breads, sourdough breads, and pretzels. There weren't any pretzels when I went; they usually sell out before noon (and they bake a ton of them, apparently), but the girl said their jalapeno cheese sourdough was good. I'm a HUGE fan of jalapeno-anything, so I bought that and came home. It was a large loaf; it lasted an hour. It was absolutely delicious! So good, that I braved the snowy roads and went back for another loaf later in the week. I hit the jackpot because they had so few customers that there were tons of pretzels left at 3pm. I tried a regular pretzel and some of the buns, and they were both awesome. They were perfectly baked (browned outside, chewy inside), with just the right amount of salt on it; not to much, but enough that you got some with every bite. Of course I picked up another jalapeno cheese loaf as well.

    They also have lots of different sweets for sale, but I'm trying (and succeeding at) cutting down the amount of sugar I consume, so I didn't buy any. It sure was tempting though!

    It may be a bit hard to find, but trust me, it's worth it. I found all their prices to be extremely reasonable (the 9-10" loaf was $4.25, the pretzels were 80c, and the pretzel buns were about 60c). Definitely go check it out, and arrive early if you want the pretzels.

    Gord L.

  • Edmonton Wholesale Bread Cake Bakery Reviews

    wide variety of pastries and squares

    Wide variety of pastries and squares. But be sure to get there early if you want bread or buns on the weekend! Great cakes too!

    To get to the bakery take the right turn at the lights right before 63rd or you have to make a big loop to get back ;)

    Melissa B.

  • Edmonton Wholesale Bread Cake Bakery Reviews

    superb apple strudel

    Superb apple strudel. Cheap prices for the quality. Great rye bread and pretzels.

    I often think about this place after eating at continental treat. I am always tempted to order the apple strudel bc I know this is the bakery they get them from. Its a small place just off gateway blvd and take a right before you hit 63rd avenue into a little complex on your left. Its up the hill and around the corner on your right. Completly hidden from view if you are looking for it while driving.

    I almost always buy my apple strudels and pretzels from here exclusively. They make them the best here and they sell out of stuff quickly for good reason. Although they always have enough strudel on hand when I stop buy.

    For $2.25 a piece they are a bit pricey for the small piece but are quite worth it. I can always eat two in one sitting so I always buy in pairs of two. Lol. They are soft and have a spicy caramel apple flavour that cannot be replicated other than the pastries ive had in germany.

    The rye breads are great too. For about $3-$5 each u can get a nice hearty loaf to last freshly for about 4 days. A great bread with cream cheese or topped with whatever you desire. I find its best with savoury toppings (like smoked salmon)

    The pretzels often sell out bc they are soft and chewy but im mostly a fan of the strudels. But when im craving salt these totally fit the bill.

    I only minused a star bc sometimes I want to come here and its closed. I think it closes everyday at 4pm so that kinda limits the frequency of when I visit the place. I just wish they were open till at least 5 so I could make ut down there after work. But overall a great local bakery with a wide selection of affordable baked goods that dont hurt the bank.

    Michelle F